Tiffany Expounded

In the day to day, I often feel like I speak in a truncated version of the truth–which isn’t so true at all. But when you’re in a hurry, you settle for the simplest version of events.  This blog is a chance for me to unmash the impressions and expound explanations. Of course, lately I’m short on time, so this is something that I haven’t been able to do too much, besides an occasional entry in a handwritten journal.

Honesty has a way of going under unless we seek it out. Our feelings can have many layers, and what is on the surface isn’t the always truest to our hearts. We need to take time for our hearts–time to hear our feelings instead of silencing them. The voice of the heart might be sweet and sentimental, it might be painful, it might be unfulfilled, and it might be far away with dreams to capture. It needs your time, your compassion, your willingness to be still and trust what’s there is for your best. For what good can we do without our hearts? When we ignore it, the heart grows cold and hardened to the things that really matter in life.

Not to say that we always must follow our hearts. Instead we must have compassion for our own feelings, even as we recognize that they might not always be wise; we should make plenty of room for our feelings to voice themselves, in order to nurture them and give them proper hope, because it is only with these hearts that we’ll journey and become our best, truest selves. Only when we admit this can we offer ourselves–human, flawed but brave–to the world.