A Job for Me

I’m not one who can take on just any job: trust me, I’ve tried a few. Childcare: I’m calm and collected externally, internally stressed/exhausted. Housekeeping: good attention to detail, not so much the speed required for hotel rooms. Weather forecasting: my circadian rhythm can’t jive the shift work, and the big open office space is too distracting.

It seems that nerves are keyed to a level of artistic sensitivity, so that the louder, the brighter, the busier things are, the faster I’m spent. It’s as if, at times, I can feel my nerves, frayed at the ends, sparking at the slighted touch, or I feel overwhelmed, the circuits shutting down, shutting out any additional information.

What could I do, besides writing, that will help me earn money, and that won’t stress me out? There’s something I’ve considered for a while but it takes a little bit of training: Massage Therapy. The lights are low, the environment is relaxing. I get to learn about the human body!  and I get to help other people, have compassion and direct contact with a variety of people.  When can I start?

(Update: 14 September 2015), I started Massage School early in the spring, but daily fatigue and frequent upset stomachs were an impediment to finishing, and I stopped in June. I plan on going back after I get these health issues figured out…  In the meantime, I’m finishing my degree online in English Writing.